This is Gitta Polak photographer, writer and content creator.

I shoot people, products and places, for dreamers, makers and action takers



I’m Gitta an allround photographer, writer & content creator and the force behind Tastyshot.
Specializing in food-, lifestyle-  and
portrait photography. With a huge heart for telling indept stories and everything about the hospitality industry.
My photos have appeared in magazines, I’ve made 200 portraits for “gekomen om te blijven” (read all about it here) I have helped many business owners with photos, texts and content to grow their business. I’m also the author of a MBO-school module on photography. Just to mention a small selection of what I’ve done.
<- This is me, twenty something….

I need to create, like I need the air to breath

I love capturing the beauty of things, life Is too short to not enjoy the good stuff. Hoping to be inspiring and get inspired along the way.

               This is me fifty something ->

This is Gitta Polak photographer, writer and content creator.


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